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However, Ibn Taymiyyah does not see this as a major shirk as he did The Wahhabis, so those companions and followers – according to the Wahhabism – of the polytheists who should be killed, not only those who are idolaters in the Wahhabism doctrine, but others who were informed by this action in their recovery of the Prophet (PBUH) and does not deny them nor disbelieve them, Password FAQ Members List Calendar Mark Forums Read – [4] عقيدCharges in Companions

– A – It has been proven in the above that the doctrine of Wahhabism requires most of the Companions to disbelieve

– B – did not stop Wahhabism at this point, But the companions who were around the Prophet (PBUH) in his life

– C – This confirms their belief in the Companions exaggerate their writers and scientists in the defense, the Yazid bin Muawiyah and praise it while the history is not known enemy of the Companions Kaizid, And no history knows anyone allowed the blood of the companions and their symptoms as he did increase in the free spot in Madinah, where allowed for three days to kill his men and all of the Companions and the sons of the Companions, and suffer symptoms, the symptoms of the Companions opened The virgins of the daughters of the companions even gave birth to them about a thousand virgin does not know of Ooldhn!! Before that, it was his work in Karbala in the killing of eighteen men from the house of the Prophet (PBUH), among them his tribe and his ranch, and his children and the children of the brother of Hassan, and with him from his brothers and their children and even the infant. – [5] Their Creed in Attributes:

– The Doctrine of Wahhabism in Attributes is a Category of Doctrines | He said in the same place that he repeats this speech in his courts

These interpretations all quoted, from the companions interpretation of the verses of the attributes other than appearance, and this is happening in all verses of qualities, see for example the interpretation of the verse at the throne and the son of Tabari Attia and El Bagawi, they all start by saying a son Abbas: His chair taught him, and only Ibn Attiyah and described what was reported by the son of Abbas that he is Israeli and news of the visceral that should not

And so with all the verses that mention the face: (face of your Lord) or ( Or the face of God. The first thing that they convey about the Sahaabah is the interpretation of the intention or the reward or the like, as required by the place.

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