You recite the Koran
love Happiness

Ever wonder where your favorite celeb gets her to die for designer duds? Depending on how old she is, it’s either Melrose Avenue (Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton) or high end Rodeo Drive (Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta Jones). Still, you needn’t spend a fortune to get dressed in Los Angeles, as downtown’s Santee Alley is loaded with affordable knockoffs of brand name merchandise. Otherwise, LA is one of a handful of major cities to boast popular outdoor shopping centers The Grove, for one, is chock full of stores selling everything from fresh vegetables to iPod accessories, while the three block, pedestrian only Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica has familiar brand name stores interspersed with funky boutiques..

Acel Moore, who died Feb. 12, 2016, at age 75, was an old school journalist who cultivated sources from the grassroots level to the upper echelons of Philadelphia society. Acel couldn TMt enter a room without being greeted by enthusiastic well wishers, including many who over the years had found themselves roasting from the heat of one of his columns.

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Instead we stuck to beer Pip offers two local drafts and a range of interesting bottles. There also a nice selection of wine by the glass or the bottle, and some fun cocktails, including one cleverly named Great Expectations ($12) a gin and tonic perked up with pineapple and lemon. I didn catch the reference until my chicken eating neighbour connected the dots for me.

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