When it comes to using the latest technology to automate the

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– And did not sniff out the existence of the existence of man, and the spirit of GodThese bright souls are in the world of kindness between light and darkness, and the sun of the great bright guidance from the presence of the preaching to the hearts of this nation, the time of the waves, the flag of the divine flag shining in the Bekaa and the Glass, the great verse of Allah, Which is the ultimate goal, the master of all virtues, generosity, goodness, care, happiness, the greatest love, the sea of ​​the rock, the treasure, the path of the most beautiful, the bright light, the bright moon, the most complete proof, and In Replica Hermes Handbags the longest, the wave of the Nubian flag, and the fury of the eternal durations, the door of Allah Almighty, whose doors are not yet blocked, and the face of acceptance, which did not turn away from the faces, unless the light of the light is poured out. He entered from him to God before and after the mercy, the master of Sadat, the calamity of the atoms, the Maulana and our Prophet and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and his family and his companions and his followers and his people and his followers and his people and his people and his people and his people and his people. , Forgive us and our parents and Our branches and our assets to Muslims and Muslim women and believing men and women companions, and peace on the messengers, and praise be to Allah, Lord finished
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Prayers of the name (humiliated) Majestic God humiliated him every sinner and evil.

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Prayers for the Prophet Muhammad

Prayers of the Prophet Muhammad, br> وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم

O Allah, Pray to our master Muhammad
prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer, peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. ه وصحبه وسلم

O Allah, Pray to our master Muhammad
A prayer in which I will be saved, and you will be rewarded with your care. And his family and companions

Hallelujah and praise be to God and there is no god but Allah
God is the greatest number of God’s creation and satisfaction of the soul of God
and the weight of the throne of God and Madad God’s words

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