We take a look at what Apple (AAPL) is likely to announce

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Hermes Replica Bags Whatever the independent verses of Hassan ibn Thabit ideas and special topics, each of them reflects on one subject, is the subject of advocacy, which caused the greatest intellectual change in the lives of people and their way of life. We will divide the personality of Hassan bin Thabit poetic into four sections:

Watering of roses and roses on them Barda applauds the nectar of the baskets

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· The praise that we find in Hassan’s poetry of this era is limited to the Prophet peace be upon him and his successors and senior companions, who worked in defense of Islam the scourge of a prophet after despair and a period of messengers and idols in the earth worship < br>

> D –
And attached to this praise the blessings of Muhammad peace be upon him, the poet included a sinking and shed tears warm, and reminding the virtues of the Messenger of the new religion, and nostalgia for the leader in the bliss:

with Mustafa I hope that his neighborhood and in that Today I seek and strive

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