– We only follow up after implementation of the maintenance of

Egyptian Engineering Consultancy & Projects Management

Architectural & Structural Design Works For Projects Through A Selection Of Engineers – Issuing All Licenses

– Integrated Execution Of Concrete Works Buildings and finishes with the highest quality and standard specifications with punctual accuracy under full engineering supervision. – We only follow up after implementation of the maintenance of the buildings and its management through a selection of technicians and engineering follow-up.
or contact us by email: arc_drow @.

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Hermes Replica Handbags So the opportunity to train for business after owning the Experience is a great opportunity to strive for every aspiration and excellence. Therefore, the Academy of Estart offers: – 3 scholarships in one scholarship – 1 – the grant of professional financial accountant 2 – > 3- E-Accounting Grant
************************ ****************** ********** First: Professional Financial Accountant Grant (PFA)
1 – Preparation of the opening budget and how to establish companies (whether accounting or legal) 2 – Types of companies and their purpose 3 – Designing the documentary course and the accounting system for companies 4 – Preparation of accounting entries for all financial operations and registration in the books of the establishment
5 – Work of inventory adjustments and closure restrictions 6 – DAD Financial Statements and Final Accounts in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards. * Full Bookkeeping Financial Accounting on Actual Books for Real Companies
************************ Second: Comprehensive Certified Accountant Grant

1 – Taxation of all types (sales taxes – general taxes – commercial and industrial profits taxes)
2- Costs 3 – Financial analysis 4 – Accounting of construction companies 5 – Accounting of import and export companies 6 – Accounting of hotels and restaurants – 7 – Accounting of oil companies
*********************************** Third, the awarding of electronic accounting includes: – 1 – application on the program Axel Accounting

2 – Program Peachtree 3 – Program QuickBooks
The trainee receives the following certificates: –
1 – Certificate of experience of two years from the Office of a Chartered Accountant 2 – Certified financial accountant http://www.cheapdesignbags.com Professional (PFA)
3- Electronic accounting certificate 4 – Comprehensive certified accountant certificate 5 – Accreditation certificates (optional) 6- The price is fictional and on batches 7_ The trainees no more than 8 *********** **************************

Book your reservation and right your place Offer valid until 30/4/2016
****** ********************************************** *
For reservations and query:
T / 01117389796 – 01091406110/35696517
Address / 7 Gamaet El Qahera St., Giza Sq., Beside Omar Effendi Fifth Floor Hermes Replica Handbags.