“”We have quite an opportunity to rebuild the city

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Replica Hermes Bags But a new listing by the Congress for the New Urbanism, a non profit that promotes reducing the impact of highways that slice through cities, also places the Hartford viaduct among its top 10 picks for highways in the United States and Canada that have potential for reversing damage done to neighborhoods.The potential is rooted in ongoing, active planning locally for alternatives and in communities that support making a change, said Norman Garrick, a professor of transportation engineering at the University of Connecticut and a CNU advisory board member.”These are projects that are not just theoretical, they have advocacy around them,” Garrick said.Hartford’s I 84 viaduct has been on CNU’s biennial “Freeways Without Futures” report ever since 2010. The 2014 report also includes such cities as Buffalo, Detroit and Toronto.The listing comes as the city of Hartford is also examining how it can reconnect the area of Main Street to the rest of downtown, also separated by the highway but in an area east of the viaduct.In 2010, the Capitol Region Council of Governments released a report on options for the 3/4 mile long elevated, viaduct portion of I 84 that begins at Sisson Avenue and runs to about Union Station.The options ranged from rebuilding the existing viaduct and lowering it to a boulevard to burying completely, similar to Boston’s “Big Dig.””We have quite an opportunity to rebuild the city, correcting what was done in the 1950s,” Jennifer Carrier, director of transportation planning at CRCOG, told me. “It’s a chance to reconnect the neighborhoods to downtown.”The state Department of Transportation is now in the first of what is expected to be a 14 year period to determine the most viable option for the viaduct.The general conclusion of the CRCOG report was that lowering the highway to street level made the most sense. Replica Hermes Bags

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