Was shooting out, smoke was spraying out

* Praying and praying. * O Allah, pray on our master Muhammad Akram, prophet and greatest. *
Honoring the truth in the exit and entry *
prayer Chvina by ascites and degeneracy * and diseases and wilt * and Nengo A day of great distress * A prayer that includes all the house of the Prophet * and couples and friends and everyone accepted acceptance * Youth and Kahol * And blessings on him and his family and companions…

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The believer met and applied the same to himself, so that he would be one of the devout believers who apply the teachings of Islam with all sincerity and devotion. Remember all this is the brotherhood of Islam and follow the guidance of the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him. WL When he meets him, may God bless him and grant you good deeds and make me and you and all Muslims and Muslims from the راشدين الموفقين Amin – Like · · Promote · Share.

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3 pieces of reception
Fourth floor.. Architecture by Asansir. Finished Super Lux
Wanted 950 thousand pounds

_shqp Branch of Manshiya Liberation..

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