Wait lists for low income housing are years long

Homeless shelters in Seattle, one of the nation’s wealthiest cities, turn people away each night. Wait lists for low income housing are years long. Cars and tents serving as makeshift homes can be spotted all over Seattle and the rest of King County.

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In the card game of life, nature is the dealer. We don’t get to deal, we only get to react. We can whine and complain, or, like the Dena’ina of old, we can accept the hand nature deals us and make the best of it.

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This year after the plant bloomed and started flowering I got a few beautiful little green and yellow bells. But yesterday I went out to prune some discolored leaves, I looked down and saw a night mare of tiny white worms in my potted baby bell pepper plant soil. I am trying to find out if these worms are harmful or not.

Even after all this time, former clients called expecting to find him, Aimee thought sadly. “You’re referring to my father, Jean Claude Leduc,” she said. “But he passed away several years ago.” She used a euphemism instead of graphically describing his death during a routine surveillance in the Place Vendome from an exploding bomb..

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