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“I dislocated my right knee, tearing all of the ligaments and nerves, resulting in a femoral artery rupture. It was extremely serious and potentially fatal. The accident was a complete turning point in my life for a number of reasons, but the biggest of which was that I couldn’t sit at the piano for about a year, because my leg had to be propped up,” said Jordan.

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Keeping it and selling the condo is the better choice, Moran concludes. Moreover, it enables Lenny to reduce his huge commitment to real estate.If Lenny does sell the rental condo, he can free up $20,000 less preparation costs and fees, say $15,000 net. He can add that to the commuted value of his pension.

This really puts me in high curmudgeon. When The DIFFERENT Company jumps on the clean AND oud band wagons in the same news cycle, well, it clearly one more sign of the decline and fall of Western Civilization (which we already knew to be in free fall based on leaf blowers and people texting as they drive, etc.). And the name Pure Virgin REALLY irritates me (though not as much as leaf blowers).

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