They were very amused to think that prehistory was an archaic

Description : Fred Flintstone lived in a sunny Stone Age American suburb, but his ancestors were respectable, middle class Victorians. They were very amused to think that prehistory was an archaic version of their own world because it suggested that British ideals were eternal. In the 1850s, our prehistoric ancestors were portrayed in satirical cartoons, songs, sketches and plays as ape like, reflecting the threat posed by evolutionary ideas.

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You are lost in the path of life
Ghafla walks on the path of life
brags about sin and immorality

And the great bosom

What is the excuse for this? The benefits of the reward will not be exhausted
All this amnesty for the worshiper Almnib
Sana of the creator of the universe of Replica Hermes bags the recuperation of that Ta To him from the near – and to God set up prayers
and to his Lord what a prostration
the season of repentance Wafi Vtgtn opportunity of faith by remorse
blessing of faith of great blessings

In the month of fasting, Al Rasheda
Still in the path of guidance

Siri to pride in the procession

The world of freedom, br>

News &Bozrah critic
not acceptable to the idea of ​​a crude
Hohae or rigid dogma
do not know lying Bmnhajha
way too Almagdh
does not see violence a way to publish their meanings
nor malevolent
believes in goodness and like
, seeking Mganma cool
wrestling evil and his companions
and befriend expatriate
systems and annihilating injustice and its causes
actively blatant steadfast
stronger than injustice and his family
because they are conscious adult
know what was his intention
enemies were not issued Samdh
what you believe in However, the doctrine of pure Baqranha
Aavc desires to religion
Hui satisfied thankful Hamedh
heard them and causes to err
let Halim said lightly foolish
and their Atnton of sane
Atlenon discoloration Chameleons < br> beg from our enemies handed us
this age logic Alskhva
Where peace and where it
principles such as mirage looms in Baida
where peace and where it has principles
Where foolish peace Avi massacres
Qibya or in the massacres of T. WNS Green
or in Algeria, where it did not stay out
Beta without the scourge of calamity
or throughout Jerusalem, my supporters
where there are blood Caldome
or in Kashmir, where sedition Ruba
blind after sedition blind
Nehru fueling the fire of
shamelessly and go calling people to extinguish
not possibly hope to reform the bull
worshiper or ewe chameleon
if a good to free himself from
talcum pagan clumsy
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