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FREE – October

With the continuation of the construction work at the Festival City Mall
The opening of the reservation in the third and final phase of the project

This project is located in the sixth of October on the Gamal Abdel Nasser Corner in Al Nawadi area (Hunting Club – Syndicate of Engineers Club – Bar Association Club)

• Al Mawwal is surrounded by a group of distinctive and high-end canteens (Al Rayham, Family Land, Oasis of Engineers, Al Abd, Teba Gardens) Surrounded by a cluster of population buildings owned by the Union of Engineers and Intelligence and Victory 1,2 and the sun and the homes of 1,2 and Alraboa and united and Almamora.. Located Next to the project is a hotel and two schools. • The area starts from 36 m: 200 m with a 15% deposit and the rest for 54 months without interest and premium in a way that suits you the price of the meter starts from 30,000: 42000
• There is a pharmacy 89 m at 44000 per meter with a 25% In payment • • For the port 6 gates.. Hermes Replica Bags

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Total 100 baht.
First prize winner 20 baht
Second prize Second prize winner 15 baht each prize
Third prize Good people home 4
home 10 baht
a little little prize

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She was drinking, taking drugs, selling drugs and taking men home for sex in exchange for money or, more expediently, just for the drugs. And the darker her life got, the “more I thought I deserved what happened.” She could live, she could die. She was indifferent.

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