They can generate 3 MW of electric power

What was once the epitome of hi tech and secrecy is now more readily available, as one would expect more than half a century has passed since Sputnik went into orbit. Nowadays, almost anyone, with the right backing, could muster the technology to build a rocket if they wanted to. Iran’s membership of the space power club is the start of a spurt of membership.

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When loaded with the combat cargo, the ship is designed to propel at speeds of 20 knots with two Foster Wheeler 600 psi boilers, feeding steam to two De Laval GT turbines, driving two propellers, providing 12,000 Shaft Horsepower (SHP) each. They can generate 3 MW of electric power, enough electricity to power a city of 26,000 people. The ship has two evaporators capable of 25,000 gallons of water a day, each..

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