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God is our mother, peace and blessings be upon him, and we did not see him, so we enjoyed God in the two homes by seeing him and our hearts fixed on his love and used us for his year. Your sanctity and his sanctity before our death and Adam to stay on your campus and his sanctity peace be upon him until we die, O God, we seek refuge in you as it is the faces of the Shafa’a to you and we swear by you as it is the greatest sworn to you and Hermes Replica belts we beseech him to you as it is the closest means to you. The cruelty of our hearts and the multitude of sins And the length of our hopes and the corruption of our actions and our slowness for the acts of worship and our attack on the infidels, so the complainant complained to you, O Lord, that we beseech you against our enemies and ourselves, so that we may be victorious in our goodness, so do not trust us other than you, O Lord, and to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him.

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Hermes Replica قَضِيبٌ بُرَاقٌ خَاتمٌ كالعَلامَةِ

كذلك بُرهَانٌ بَيَانٌ لسانُهُ…… الفَصِيحُ بلا شَكِّ بأجْلى فَصَاحَةِ

مُطَهَّرُ قَلْبٍ من دِناسِ
وإسلامُهُ فَهْو الصَّحيحُ جَمِيعُهُ………. Mr Alkonnen as well as from the start of habitus

named Naim eye and Gore Saada….. Hermes Replica

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O my beloved, O Messenger of Allah…
Our Islam is proud – O my beloved, O Messenger of Allah… We call and we pray – O beloved, O Messenger of Allah… Replica Hermes Bags

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