Then came a young man and his wife and it seems they are

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The body of your wife from our right we all see!!!

Real story has won admiration of each of its villages for young people and girls

A word said by a rural man:

A man sat in the sixth decade of his life dressed in rural clothes On a chair.
Then came a young man and his wife and it seems they are newlyweds to sit with the chairs facing him and unfortunately the wife was wearing short Bermudah trousers and blouse with suspenders reveal her arms and then surprised The old man, who appears to be a sign of reverence and respect, rests on the thighbone of his arm. He puts Replica Hermes Handbags his chin on the grip of his hand in the face of the wife who sits in the chair facing him and the look of his eyes fixed on her almost penetrates her to a sudden and sudden image that disturbs the wife and provokes the wrath of her husband Respect yourself, you are a big headache, a defect that you do, and Yariet sit down justice and damage, what was the man of the countryside that said to the angry husband I do not think you respect yourself You are wrong and you give up your times Wear the form you are free, O Lord, abandon it Walk without clothes as long as you meet But you Dressed like this when we see it Faraj them Adina Bffrjd Zhaalh for the remains of the eyes of the Japanese who accept that it is exposed from the body of your image of our right we all see, and I am hidden from your right You alone you see it – Qwais
Here the husband did not utter the words and the words of the man closed his mouth and the red face of his wife – especially after the sounds of passengers impressed with the lesson given by the rural man to the young husband
The husband has only to get out of his place and take his wife and leave a vehicle In this story lesson For the one who wears his wife Abaya, cut and colored and say, “Why do people look at us, and forget that the wisdom of the Abaya is the jackets and not the adornment?” r> (words of magnificence)

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