The signature of math and physics genius in the bokeh variety

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But in the digital age Bokeh is a link to the past in the development of lenses.

It is found that the lens designer in the era of only a pencil in the calculations. The signature of math and physics genius in the bokeh variety of them. Of course, many lenses take longer to compute than to create.

The computer has helped the lens designers to develop to soft beautiful blur. Not only the sharpness of the line alone – but the difference of these high quality new lenses is difficult to distinguish.

I would have to look at the bokeh with a different look – same. Respect for the lens of the designer – the signature signature of the old bokeh on the modern image may be counted as the opening of the hat, the artist, the late mathematician. Replica Handbags

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I love this little Base # Today we are in 12-01-2016 added up = 13, added up = 4

… may your day provide foundational balance in a reliable, systematic and practical way!

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