The show was for role models

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replica goyard bags And Airbus continues to make too many mistakes. He said he and tactician Tom Slingsby, a fellow Aussie, will decide if there will be any crew changes for Monday.guys sailed better. They made fewer mistakes and they deserved to win two races, Spithill said in a nod to the Kiwis. The producers said that, in part, was why they were interested in her. “They said, ‘We’re only casting professional women. The show was for role models, for little girls, we want really strong women.'”. replica goyard bags

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cheap goyard handbags Andy Cunningham, star of BBC’s Bodger And Badger, dead aged 67The entertainer’s sad death from cancer has been confirmed by his sister and friendsThe entertainer came to fame on the 1990s BBC programme, in which he played Simon Bodger a hapless friend of naughty Badger, whose endless pursuit of mashed potato got the pair into trouble countless times.The show first aired in 1989 and continued throughout the Nineties, with Andy’s handyman Bodger becoming a favourite children’s TV character.Born on May 13 1950, Cunningham read English at Cambridge University before finding fame on children’s television.He gave comedian Julian Clary his first job when he was writing and directing shows for the Covent Garden Community Theatre Group and the pair remained friends.He also worked as a puppeteer in the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi, operating the character Ephant Mon.Andy was in a long term relationship with Jane Bassett, who played Mousey in Bodger And Badger.While the couple separated many years ago, they remained close friends and she was with him when he died, along with his sister and nieces.The sad news was also confirmed by the magician and puppeteer’s friends on Facebook.Comedian Charmian Hughes wrote: “So sad to hear Andy Cunningham has died. I first met him doing his magic show when I was being a terrible clown at the same event and we were near neighbours in Islington. He was so sweet and kind and full of advice.(Image: PA)”I had quite a pash on him but my dog Arthur weed on him when he came to dinner, so put paid to that cheap goyard handbags.