The sheepskin involved in the procession was thought to have

> I love you in God I and my brothers have embarked on a project in which we apologize to our Lord for enjoining what is good and forbidding evil. This is the project of demanding the closure of this corrupting one that has washed away some of our Muslim brothers, so they disbelieve Allah for ignorance because of those thoughts. Anyone who has a jealousy over the religion of Islam should join us in the campaign to claim We are hoping to collect 250 thousand subscribers asking to close the channel and then send the claims to the management of the satellite NileSat and to the knowledge of our dear brothers have succeeded previously close the spoiler years ago, but they were able to open it now Vnsalkm love to your Prophet Muhammad prayers of God and peace be upon him To wrap up this project and make it a success by any means.

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3rd round dance partner search. Select 4 winners –Ongoing–

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