The remaining month only 7 days

Last Chance.. The remaining month only 7 days..

Fasting 6 of Shawwal:

The Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him -: «Whoever fasts Ramadan then Followed by six days of Shawwaal was like fasting the world »[Muslim 1164]

Six Shawwal, a great opportunity, in which the Muslim gets:

First: benefits In the world: Second: Agora great in the Hereafter:

* First: Benefits in the world: Since the month of fasting is thirty days, it purifies the body of the waste and toxins three hundred days, and Here we see (the miraculous prophetic) that the Prophet – peace be upon him – I fast Ramadan fasting six days of Shawwal, to complete my work Cleaning for the rest of the year: 6 days (from Shawwal) x 10 days disinfection = 60 days, thus the total: 300 days (fluorescence) + 60 days (Shawwal) = 360 days.

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