“The Public Works Agency doesn’t have enough workers to do the

I have been asked to help a family that lost their home in the Kettleman
There are 2 girls, that are 2 years I’m going to need 4 local foster families, if you can help email me at Julie@If you would like to adopt any of them, go to my website (
Can anyone donate any of these items(new or used):
I need 4 small/medium wire dog If anyone has any xsmall or small dog collars/harness, any dog leashes, small dogs beds, xsmall and small dog t-shirts and any baby blankets (new or used)
(If you can donate anything, please just leave it on my front porch anytime, with your name and email address on it, so I can thank you! 25604 Housman place Stevenson If you can donate any amount of money, it will go towards their care, vetting, and anything else they may Or if you prefer, use our donate button on our website or our Facebook page (Little Diva Rescue ), all major credit cards are I’m hoping our community can come together, and help these 4 innocent little I will post better pictures, as soon as I get Julie

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