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at all on the MP many others then wanted to become a partof the film project “Draco Ortus” which is a continuation of the MP Vampire
series “Eye of Noor”. They were very motivated and pretended to be everyone’s friend to the point of offering advice
on acting, modeling, make up, people in fighting, self ­defense, security, protection, survival, sword and hand to hand about a lot of people in the projects and soon became unpopular and troublesome to the point that cast members
threaten to leave and drop out if they (Nicolle and Laurel) remained with Fourth, In response to his owners leaving him, Larry Johnson of Axum 21
filed copyright lawsuit in was originally on the receiving end of the lawsuit, but was dismissed in full and the suit dropped against MP due to the
fact that MP had nothing to do with any of the inner politics of Axum 21
and the shareholders, cast, and Nicolle and Laurel then asked MP for help in getting themselves and Nicolle’s sister, Romanee “Rome”
(as to the accusations leveled against Nicolle and last After this they (Nicolle and Laurel) continued to come to MP project meetings and continued to upset cast and crew
with constant corrections, pointers, suggestions, continue to work with In the meantime, Melanie Davis and MP had been dismissed from the lawsuit and this angered everyone else who
were/are still in the mix of the legal accused of being in league together to ‘screw over’ all the other cast members/owners from Larry’s Axum 21
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