The Inner Harbor, some of which turns 40 this year, needs

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McReynolds inadvertently clipped Baltimore’s Mark Ferner in the face behind the Skipjacks’ goal. Ferner was down for several minutes and left the ice with help from teammates.. The Inner Harbor, some of which turns 40 this year, needs upgrades to its crumbling brick promenades, deteriorating bulkheads and unreliable light fixtures, said Laurie Schwartz, the president of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, which funded the plan along with the Greater Baltimore Committee. It also needs updates to remain a draw for local residents and the millions of people who visit the Inner Harbor each year, she said..

“Stormwater runoff is something we can do something about,” Ned Tillman, chairman of the county’s Environmental Sustainability Board, told an enthusiastic crowd of over 350 people Thursday night. “Rain barrels and rain gardens that’s the natural way of dealing with rain,” he said, rather than letting it run off roofs, sidewalks and driveways, carrying chemicals, trash and oil residue into sewers, creeks, rivers and eventually the Chesapeake..

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