The group served 77,595 hot meals in 2011 and 81,136 in 2013,

Traditional watchmakers need to get smart about fending off new competitors from the tech industry. Gartner estimates that around 30 million smartwatches were sold globally in 2015, and sales will grow to 50 million this year, bringing in about $11.5 billion in revenue. By 2020, the smartwatch industry is forecast to bring in $19 billion based on sales of 87 million devices..

Opportunity for investment in the northern expansions of October
Land of 653 m in the northern expansion of October 3 follow the corner on the street 60 m take a license basement and ground + 3 floors + roof required to sell a million and 350 thousand more with the amount paid 680 thousand with the possibility of participation………………………………………………………………………………

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