The details of the model is not different

Louis Vuitton Looping M51145 Brown Monogram Shoulder Bag 10211
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(Outside Flaws) Unnoticeable rubs & scratches on the edge

(Handle) Minor rubs on the edge of the handle
Minor scratch on a part of handle
Minor signs of used on the whole parts

(Bottom) Unnoticeable rubs at the corner of the bottom
Unnoticeable scratches partially

(Inside Flaws) Minor rubs & weakness partially

(Inside Flaws) Minor stain partially

Zipper works properly

(Metal parts Flaws) Unnoticeable tarnish partially

Unnoticeable storage odor in the lining parts

Width (inch) : Width (cm) : Height (inch) : Height (cm) : 33 cm(approx)
Depth (inch) : Depth (cm) :
Handle (inch) : Handle (cm) : 65 cm

Color : Brown
Material :Monogram
Country of Manufacture : Spain
Code, Number SKU:10211

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The details of the model is not different

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