The day before the competition

Chase it! 430 with speed, at this time, surprised to find out how their number cloth color and my different, this, this is the 29K 230 with the staff, then our whole 430 has been thrown away by me Behind, god! Can finally slow down a bit, lifting the burst of the crisis.
Because of this episode, follow-up some of the downhill sections of the pace and speed are also accelerated, the strength is really forced out, while the uphill section is aware of the lack of capacity, the opportunity to break the opportunity to break 4, Still follow weakness, the final result of 405 for admission, but also broke his pb, reserved for their next progress and further space.
# # Sun Moon Lake Lake Marathon.

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tea-Spring 2018 “Pinglin Marathon” road race carnival

One: Events origin
a since Ming and Qing Dynasties, Ping Lin is a well-known tea plantation, because of the unique climate, soil, water quality and topography, gave birth to the warm and unique tea culture, which spread all over the world. Second, gold gourd Lao Xi, Mackerel Hori Creek, located in the Taipei Water Conservation Area, with the original forest trails and rich ecological environment. Wandering the meantime, overlooking the Pinnacle peaks, enjoying the forest Phnom Penh, sea of ​​clouds, listen to the gurgling streams, is the most quiet and distant artistic conception Handbags Chloe Replica.