That’s the problem, you then create the curriculum to fit the

Marriage is certainly an emotional and legal commitment. Once two individuals make the choice that they will spend the rest of their lives together, society approves the decision, notwithstanding the fact that only half of us will be able to permanently remain in that relationship. It is approved because it is a force for stability and responsibility, both vital if a culture is to thrive..

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Love of God to the human in the Koran There are two types (1): Love of God to the old man to his links to the human gain and behavior

(2): Love through human gain either to take him and not to
< br>. The first love: Honored by God and you do not have a reason after the entry of the human era of commissioning

exposed to Love Kasby If you pledge your Creator to abide by Mtalbh you joined to the first love

Love Kasbee and introduce the memory of God And on the duties and the function of the use of land, it is

lose the first love and love Kasabi…. Here in the beginning of God Almighty God before the era of human commissioning (We have honored the sons of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them of favors and preferred them to many of us created Preferred) Isra – after the mandate came here Who responded with his determination and did it, he wins the first love

and the zombie, but the one who loses the first love and the second and departs and is expelled from the mercy of God

Almighty (We have fed to hell many of the jinn and mankind have hearts do not understand them and their eyes They do not see it, and they have ears that they can not hear, such as the Anas, but they are the ones who are misguided. Replica Hermes

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