Thanks to Laurie Higgins for the yummy bacon crescent rolls

Or listen to people say a certain place, that place has a special state of great victory, the name of the mountain is particularly solemn, where there is a certain what the country’s garden how good how, there are special attractions I want to go to the mountain Go, wait for me to come back when I read the fourth reading, is the meaning of this is the case.

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Remember: NO KSP pics, NO
At #5KC, there are 5 simple, obvious rules:

• Legit checks → Know your stuff! Don’t expect any spoonfeeding • Pics For Attention (PFAs), as much as • No price • • Raffles (that’s gambling, son!).
• • Electronics, gadgets, phones, High Quality replica Bags • Job • Product selling/MLM • Page • • KSP • Multiple
You can post the following in THE NON-KICKS CLUB (NKC):
• Performance attire (compression wear, jerseys, • Casual attire (shirts, caps, hoodies, socks, pants, laces, • Sporting goods (balls, goggles, sneaker shields, • Accessories (sneaker shields, phone cases, rastaclats,
For kicks worth 5k and up, post in THE 10K KICKS CLUB (10KC).

For kicks to trade to stuff, and vice-versa, post in THE SNEAKER SWAP CLUB (SSC).

For GS, Youth Sizes, and small feet, post in THE SMALL KICKS CLUB (SKC).

For scam-free deals, go here: THE SNEAKER DEALMAKER: Make That Safe SneakerTrade & Deal Now!

• Post fakes → instant • Bully, harass, insult, swear, gay bash, • Use someone’s pics without • Hijack
• Honest → A deal is a • Respectful → Thanking legitimate sellers and buyers is • Smart → This is not a price check nor a legit check

Sorry for the rules, but we need ‘
(Revised 19 August 2017) Wholesale Replica Bags

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