Steiner applied a Sleeper Hold on Rotunda

The next match that occurred was between Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda for the NWA World Television Championship. Steiner’s younger brother Scott Steiner made his NWA debut at the event and appeared at ringside with Rick to manage him. Steiner and Rotunda exchanged submission maneuvers on each other. Rotunda offered Steiner a handshake but Steiner did not shake hands with him. Rotunda applied an Abdominal Stretch and cheated near the ropes. Steiner countered the hold with an Oklahoma Roll but was in the ropes. Rotunda gained momentum and attacked Steiner in the corner with his shoulder. Steiner performed a Scoop Powerslam to Rotunda. Steiner was about to win the match until Kevin Sullivan distracted Steiner by talking about his dog Spike. Rotunda took advantage and delivered a Back Suplex to Steiner. Rotunda missed a Dropkick on Steiner and received Mounted Punches in the corner by Steiner. Steiner applied a Sleeper Hold on Rotunda. Rotunda’s back fell on Steiner and Steiner’s shoulders were pinned. As a result, Rotunda won the title.[1][2]

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