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EP 7 Horror Mansion

Everybody wakes up, finds himself in a large white room. Sculpted with gold engraved pattern. At the tea table, there are two young men sitting on the rooftops with each other, drinking tea.

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The RBI could open a dollar window for oil companies to sell rupees and buy dollars from the central bank. This would reduce volatility in the rupee by enabling oil companies to directly source a large part of their dollar requirement instead of buying large chunks from the market. The RBI could sell the dollars to oil importers at its daily reference rate.

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Here we read the Islamic history briefly

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It affected me idly. We were planning on announcing at some point but i wan’t thinking of doing it that early. What the guy said was ‘There’s been a knife in my back for the last 20 years and what this governor did was twist it with this decision’.