So much suffering, William Lavin, a veteran New Jersey

But we were there to please our souls. We started off with an order of potato and cheese pierogies ($9.49) and Mike Tyson’s Pizza Bites, which are basically fried pizza rolls ($9.99). Yes, everything is better fried.

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Brazil was the last country in the world officially to end slaveryBy 1888, when abolition finally came, there were more black than white people in Brazil, and also a large population that could be described as “mixed race” the product of a settlement history that saw Portugal export mostly male settlers here for 300 years. At first, those men had sexual relationships, both consensual and forced, with indigenous women. When the indigenous population failed to provide the captive labour force the Portuguese wanted fleeing into the interior rather than working on the new plantations, or dying of infectious diseases the colonizers turned to the import of African slaves, who were routinely raped by their ownersWhen slavery was ended, members of the white elite were left feeling anxious and outnumbered.

Praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and the best prayer is to our Master Muhammad and his family and companions. O Lord, have mercy and mercy on you.

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