Smaller cities still elect their mayors but Moscow

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Celine Replica Many Muscovites are frustrated by the fact that they have little say in who runs the city because its leaders are not directly elected, and opinion polls show one in five Russians is unhappy and wants to emigrate.A poll this month showed 43 percent of Russians would be ready to take part in street protests even though public approval ratings for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev are high.”If you give someone a possibility to express himself, swear once a week, he will not Replica Celine keep it to himself for a year and then take to the street with a stone or a knife,” Deputy Mayor Andrei Sharonov told the Reuters Russia Investment Summit. “We need feedback channels.Moscow was at the center of two attempted coups in the 1990s, and political marches sometimes end in skirmishes, but the last heavy street violence was in December 2010 when nationalists rioted close to the Kremlin.Putin abolished elections of provincial governors in 2004. Smaller cities still elect their mayors but Moscow, which generates one fifth of Russia’s gross domestic product and is intended to become a global financial center, counts as a province so its mayor is appointed by the Kremlin.The previous Moscow mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, was removed last year after falling out with the Kremlin and replaced with a Putin ally, Sergei Sobyanin.Medvedev has called for efforts to root out corruption which Sharonov, a former investment banker, said “often disgusted” him Celine Replica.