Rule 3

First, it may not be convenient for many

Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette Cosmetic Accessories Monogram 10360
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(Outside Flaws) Minor tear on the edge

(Bottom) Minor rubs on the edge of the bottom

(Inside Flaws) Noticeable stains on the whole parts

Zipper works properly

(Metal parts Flaws) Minor tarnish on the zipper’s tag

Noticeable storage odor in the lining parts

Width (inch) : Width (cm) : Height (inch) : Height (cm) : 15 cm(approx)
Depth (inch) : Depth (cm) :
Color : Brown
Material :Monogram
Country of Manufacture : France
Code, Number SKU: 10360

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First, it may not be convenient for many people. Designer Replica Bags

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Topics Covered :
Module 1: All Ceramic Restorations, Inlay and Onlay
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Module 2: Laminate Veneer
( prep, impression, temporization and cementation )
Module 3: Restoration of endodontically Treated Tooth
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1- prep, impression,temporization of all Ceramic restorations
2- prep, impression,temporization of all laminate veneer restorations
3- Post & core and Endocrown workshop

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