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‘Beautiful Flowers’ 3rd Round What is the name of the ‘flower hall’? Is it a long term activity in the topic of ‘beautiful flowers’?

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Round 4

Let’s Start!!! 3rd Round First page: The Princess of the Flower Kingdom
request: Name / Description September 24th
Closed September 25th 18:00 Announcement 19:00
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Supernatural took on one of its craziest concepts yet in Season 11’s “Baby,” an episode “told” from the perspective of Dean’s beloved
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Ackles and Padalecki in a between-scenes
Jensen Ackles: There was nothing I could rely on that we’ve done before, because this was a completely different thing that we’d ever done, both storytelling and
But it was really interesting because it really felt like Sam and Dean driving along the highway in an
There was a few times, when we were still trying to dial in the process of filming it, where and I remember Jared [Padalecki (Sam)] said he had a hard time with

Shooting the actual scenes took no time, the day was spent really rigging the car, making sure that there were no reflections, making sure that everything was gonna stay in focus, that the cameras were gonna stay mounted to the car, because that’s the last thing you want is, you know, hitting a bump and then all of a suddenly the two-hundred-thousand dollar camera goes flying off the
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Ackles with Sarah-Jane Redmond

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