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The Americans are 2 for 2 in Olympic slopestyle snowboarding gold. Following Sage Kotsenburg’s first place finish Saturday, Jamie Anderson won the women’s competition with a final run of 95.25. “After watching the boys, I wanted to land the run I planned to do, perfectly and with good style,” she said.

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That’s because all the money you’re giving to your grown kids, you could be putting that in your nest egg. Although some people simply don’t care about their future and grab as much money as they can from there 401K, this is a bad move. And if you haven’t been preparing for the future as the years went by, you may feel that it’s no harm in going into your 401K funds.

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Despite being strongly criticized by the Western media during his second term for what it called “autocracy” and “strangling the freedom of the press,” Putin managed to mend the greatest drawback of the Yeltsin era Russia finally had its voice heard in the international arena and became an important player in the global decision making processes. Putin was strongly critical of US foreign policies. In 2007 he gave a memorable speech during a security conference in Munich, where the Russian leader lashed out at Washington’s attempts to govern the whole planet and called for the creation of a democratic multi polar world, with the rule of international law..

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He still young (26 on Oct. 21). And if he not going to hang onto his job he is not new coach Tom Thibodeau preferred type of point guard he at least needs some time to demonstrate his trade value.

Mercury in Taurus is practical and often conservative in its thinking. You are likely to be good with money and in managing resources in general. You are one of these people that tends to learn more from doing than from academic study.