Education and public sector are other major markets which Bilkom has a focus on. Competent and proficient Bilkom team conducts all projects of business development, market creation, vertical and horizontal expansion through new projects and solutions to manage the market. By means of Digital Life Coach service provided to the sectors, Bilkom plays an active role in shaping the market.

In addition, the Corporate Market team engages in project-based market growth and solution package improvement activities by collaborating with end users, the corporate channel, Apple mentors in the education sector, software developers and third party component product suppliers.

Bilkom’s senior market directors provide consultancy and training services to major clients along with periodic technic, sales and project-based business development trainings. Bilkom also creates a leverage effect in the international achievements of our educational institutions. The Apple 1:1 educational model applied in Ak Umut College within the scope of Apple UK Education/Profiles is such a success story. Furthermore, Bilkom has put a signature under many projects such as the Anadolu University Podcasting Program, the Hacettepe University School of Medicine Core Education OSCE Project, and the Anadolu University Unhandicapped Test Project. And these projects produced fruits to reap too; just like the Bilkom projects with Anadolu and Hacettepe universities has been granted Achievemet Awards by Apple for the Most Productive Project in the CEMEA category.