The Gains of Bilkom Cooperation

Building strong cooperations with the leading companies in the sector, Bilkom prefers to work with companies working in the informatics sector, possessing professional and commercial ethics, befitting the values of Koç Group and Bilkom, and have the ability to perform in harmony with Bilkom’s vision. These partners are chosen from companies that are competitive in a dynamic sector like informatics, showing constant improvement, and have scaled their essential human resources, technical qualities, financial strength and resource capacities. Establishing a lasting, sustainable commercial bond founded on the mutual gains principle with its partners, Bilkom leads the way for the development of business partnerships, adoption of its digital life coach philosophy by all shareholders, thus providing an unexampled consumer experience for all customers in paralel with the market dynamics and market development. Bilkom and its partners provide digital life products and solutions via retail, merchandizing and corporate channels, and a widespread, proficient sales and service network support in a vast range of sectors from the consumer market to education, public and commercial businesses with Bilkom’s assurance. Bilkom’s business partners are directly assisted by the Bilkom Support team in need of sales or services. All the infrastructure required for the continuity and wellbeing of B2B relations use the telephone system, the business partners portal, group e-mail addressings and chat systems. Organizing technical trainings for authorized services and support members, Bilkom continuously improves its service quality through business process trainings in addition to the trainings given with each new product. With its annual business partner meetings, Bilkom makes yearly evaluations with its partners and brands, as well as steering the vision for the following year. The expertise of the Bilkom team in sales and after-sales services is provided to business partners as a crucial value. Special visits are paid to corporate clients with Bilkom market directors and related business partners, whereas store investors are provided Bilkom’s support for the ideal customer experience by a range of events from presentation to marketing materials and technical trainings. By means of the ecosystem founded in cooperation with business partners, customer satisfaction is regularly measured by an independent research company using the “Loyalty Index”, and “improvement programs” are implemented by communicating the drawbacks with the managements of the business partners. The recent data shows that Bilkom’s collective achievements especially in the after sales services has reached a record high of 92%.

A business cooperation with Bilkom provides the benefits of internalizing the digital life coach vision, utilizating the knowhow of the leading global brands, and becoming a member of a rapidly growing and profitable family.