Being 100% Koç Holding capital, Bilkom draws its financial strength from primarily Koç Holding, and the triumphant capital management of the expert finance team. In addition to the major asset of a strong capital base, Bilkom’s supreme active quality, steady revenues and high liquidity rates underpin and prove the company’s financial strength.

When the fluctuations in the global economy and recent distresses considered, Bilkom’s possession of the necessary resources to overcome severe economic conditions appear as one of the biggest corporate advantages. In terms of the financial structure, products and services offered by Bilkom bear the same level of importance. Under the company’s financial power lies this integrity.

With an annual turnover over 215 million Turkish liras in 2011, Bilkom realized a tremendous growth compared to the sectoral average by increasing its sales by more than 150% since the previous year. In 2011, Bilkom ranked as the 422nd in terms of its sales, as the 283rd in terms of profit before tax and interest, as the 155th in terms of EBIT/Sales, as the 83rd in terms of retun on equity (ROE), and as the 14th in terms of sales growth rate in Fortune 500.

Additionally, it ranked as the 13th for the fastest growing profit before tax and interest, and as the 4th with the hightest return on equity. In the same list, Bilkom was declared as the fastest growing company in the Computers and Software category. And in 2012, the year when the market shrinked by 6-9%, Bilkom realized a turnover exceeding 320 million Turkish liras with a growth rate of more than 45%.

According to the 2012 data, Bilkom embraced the “Turkey Agent/Vendor of the International Based Manufacturer” first prize in the hardware category. In 2012, it has advanced 93 ranks in Fortune 500 Turkey. Increasing its sales by 150% in Turkish liras in 2011, Bilkom has grown by over 220% within two years by advancing another 48,2% in 2012. And in Capital 500, the list of the biggest 500 companies in Turkey, it ranked as the 421st in 2013.