In order to ensure the use of purchased products “with the same sense and excitement of the first day”, Bilkom has carried the Bilkom Warranty approach into effect. The signature of Bilkom’s Value Added Distributorship of many years and the Koç Holding assurance, Bilkom Warranty starts at the decision making process for the purchase of a Bilkom product and predicates “the promise of standing by”, comprising all stages of purchasing, installing, using, developing and repurchasing, and is based on “end-to-end excellence”. This warranty signifies the sharing of experience of all the brands in distribution, particularly of Apple with our users. In a nutshell, Bilkom stands behind every product supplied with its fund of knowledge and experience.

Here are the constituents building up the Bilkom Warranty:

  • The warranty of getting service and product support any time, from points of easy access, and from experts.
  • Presentation of products to customers at the right time, at the right salespoints, and at competitive price tags in the European scale.
  • Bilkom expertise and experience availing corporate needs.
  • The “Digital Life Coach” service provided for the efficient use of products, and for the restructuring of professional and private lives in accordance with technological improvements.
  • A robust ecosystem management for all brands.
  • Informing customers about technological improvements and offering them the best solutions by assessing their needs with instruction and sharing opportunities at various levels such as Bilkom “Digital Zone” events, membership and YouTube channels, meeting platforms, and robust CRM infrastructure, Bilkom Warranty means becoming part of a large family of some hundred thousands.