Plastic and metal universal fit frames

After seeing a document that showed all of the town clerk signatures and dates of service from1720 to 1993, State Rep. Pamela Sawyer (R 55) wanted to commemorate the changing of the guard at Bolton’s town hall by holding a Town Clerk Signing Ceremony, honoring the retirement of Town Clerk Susan DePold, and welcoming Elizabeth Waters to Town Hall. Bolton First Selectman Robert Morra oversaw the special occasion which was held in the vault holding the town’s historical records..

2. Who do you go out with? You know a night out with some mates is always going to start with a few drinks and end with a curry. If you are determined to lose weight it may be best to avoid them for a while even though that sounds harsh! Or if you are confident of your will power go out but stick to soft low cal drinks and make healthy food choices at the curry house.

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Dolce Gabbana DNA Metal Inset Butterfly Sunglasses, Black Details Dolce Gabbana “DNA” butterfly sunglasses, featuring doubled effect. Plastic and metal universal fit frames. Gradient, rounded lenses.

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