Peace be upon you, O believer, the end of the enemy’s state,

Do you know who I am?


I am your day current
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I minute and second
that pass without being able to benefit them

Anyone looking for a one dimensional look at ambergris might be disappointed, it true. But I guess I just sat down and wrote the book I wanted to write and hopefully people like it, or parts of it anyway. Thankss for the review! I enjoyed reading it..

2 – The Shiites believe that the Holy Quran is incomplete and that the real Quran ascended to heaven when the companions of the companions of God’s mercy on them Book of enlightenment and response to 25 of the Maltese.

3 – They said absurdly verses of the Koran One of the Shaykhs, Shaykh al-Tabarsi, said in the book of the document page 211: On the difference of the systems, such as the eloquence of some of its most extreme paragraphs and the scorn of others.

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Who aspires at the height of the degrees of non-work Saleh, Hihat Hihat: Or according to those who have committed the bad deeds to make them as those who believe and do good deeds [Al-Jathiyah: 21] Narrated by: (The disclosure of peace), which is in the line of speech, and said God Almighty: And tell the people well [cow: 83]. The Almighty said: Say to my servants say that it is good and said Almighty: pay the best that is between you and him enmity as if he was an intimate and what he receives only those who have patience and what he receives only a great fortune [Chapter: 34-35].

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The term PPI means pixels per inch while DPI refers to dots per inch. The former refers to the number of pixels the sensor of the camera can support in a given time. It can also refer to the size of the photos as produced by the camera.