On the other hand, Futur also smells like springtime

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Many dishes on the menu start with a protein rich, whole plant food, like quinoa. Creamy textures from dairy products can be mimicked through butters and sauces made with nuts such as cashews. Michelle Robinson took more than two years to perfect the restaurant Cheeze Burger (made with more than 20 ingredients including chickpeas and walnuts).

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“Futur” is a cheeky name for a perfume. After all, is it a fragrance or a fortune teller? On smellingRobert Piguet Futur, the name seems even less fitting Futur smells like something from a different era. On the other hand, Futur also smells like springtime condensed: optimistic, brash, fresh, and jarring in the best way.

Glam Princess is pretty close to the original Princess, close enough that it’s hard to see why you’d need both. It’s a fruity floral, with vibrant, tropical berry candy top notes cut with a tad of the watery apple pear of Princess. After 15 minutes, it’s awfully hard to tell the two fragrances apart; the floral notes are a generic blur, and the dark chocolate, pink frosting and chiffon vanilla in the original are not startlingly different from the vanilla orchid and marshmallow in the Glam Princess.