On a number of them, no progress has been made

In Thanchi Upazila, let us know if you know the correct and correct spelling and original name of the following travel destinations. For the requirements of Thanchi Upazila Nirbahi Officer.
1.Dim stone.2.Kayakkhan Jharna
3.Chandak Jharna
4.Dim hill peak
5.Contacty waterfalls
6.Park fountain.
7. Kumari Fountain
8.Longlok Fountain 9.Raj Patrice 10.Gangafonga 11.Ramakri Kung – 12.Amiya Khong – 13.Satvai Kung
14. Nayakakatha Mukha
15.Vela Kung – 16.Crising Fountain
17. Likshing Fountain
18. Indoor Manik
19.Phadan Fountain
20.Other Manik
21.Badur cave – 22.Budhar Jhorna – 23.Hafang – 24.jalang – 25.Saka Hafang

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