Obs: On-site service budget

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We work with sales, services, products, accessories of swimming pools, as quoted below: cascades
* installation of ladder
* installation of slides
* installation of swimming pool screens
* installation of heaters * * installation of SPA, bathtubs, hot tub and * installation of whirlpool / hydromassage pumps / nozzles and hydromassage devices
* installation of filters and pumps
* cleaning of swimming pool
* cleaning and maintenance of filters
* painting of. * aspiration kit (squeegee, brush, cable ,

* cleaning products (chlorine, barrel, aluminum sulfate, clarifier) ​​
* repair of leaks
* repair and maintenance in * among other services, credit and debit card
Contact phones:
Tiago (21) 99597-9028 Whatsapp
Shop (21) 2635-9678.
Obs: On-site service budget.. Fake Handbags

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