O God, send blessings in every sign and soul to my master,

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The first narrative thread is based on the eight months he spent with perfumer Jean Claude Ellena and the marketing people at Herms. Burr followed them from the city of Aswan to the Herms headquarters in Paris, and then to Ellena hometown Grasse, where most of the fine tuning was done on the three essays for le Nil. The lack of a clear Herms signature proved to be something of a challenge; it was the first time that the house committed itself directly to a perfumer (Ellena worked for Symrise when he did Un Jardin en Mditerrane), and it was an important problem to tackle.

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Coriander Cardamom “The Coriander and Cardamom Cologne is a fresh twist on a traditionally warm and spicy scent. Inspired by fresh tonics from ancient spices, Coriander and Cardamom are subtly balanced with basil, lavender, sage and blackcurrant. The result a crisp green with spicy wood and pepper facets.” Additional notes include bergamot, orange, gentian and nutmeg.