Now when I pass other people’s signs that cheer ‘go mom go’ I

trade negotiations require closed doors

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Replica Hermes December 18, 2013By LISA CHEDEKEL, Conn.”States have made strides in changing their policies so that youth are held accountable in age appropriate ways, but there is more work to be done,” said Sarah Bryer, director of the NJJN.Besides Connecticut, the other states applauded for significant reductions were California, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Mississippi, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.The report attributes the drop in Connecticut’s rate of youth confinement in prisons, detention centers and other facilities to community alternatives; restrictions on the use of detention; and less reliance on law enforcement for school discipline.On a related issue, new state numbers show that a “raise the age” law that is keeping juveniles under 18 out of the adult justice system has helped to fuel a significant drop in youth incarceration. As of Dec. 1, there were 89 people under 18 in adult prisons down significantly from 2009, when more than 300 young people were in adult prisons in an average month.Younger offenders are now handled by the juvenile justice system. Replica Hermes

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