Not only that, plastic bags pollute the ocean and clog drains

CBC Books is pleased to announce that Indigo Books, Canada largest bookseller, is returning for a third year as a sponsor of CANADA READS. In addition, this year winning publisher will continue the CANADA READS tradition of supporting reading by making a financial donation to Frontier College Indigenous Summer Literacy Camps for First Nation, M and Inuit children and youth across Canada. The camps offer learning and literacy support, in a fun, and interactive environment, to help prevent summer learning loss..

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JA in A Day is a one day presentation of Junior Achievement’s programs and a terrific way for young students to experience the valuable lessons JA programs provide in a same day series of five engaging, hands on lessons. The University of Hartford has more than 300 student athletes competing in 18 Division 1 sports. It is anticipated that representatives of each of the school’s teams will participate in a local JA program at some point during the academic year..

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May / June issue of the American College of Sports Medicine published in the Journal of Health and Fitness magazine. It consists of 12 exercises, using only the weight of the body, a chair and a wall, as long as about 7 minutes of continuous “uncomfortable”, you can achieve the requirements of high-intensity physical training standards, basically a combination of a long-distance running Exercise with a gym weight training. And all this is based on science →
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