No one questions the authenticity of the pain his parents feel

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Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, the Most Gracious the Merciful The Owner of the Day of Judgment, Prayer and Peace upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions

God Allah, And the spirit, the sheikh for those who do not have an elder, so do good in your prayer, bowing and bowing, and try to watch your presence in the hands of God in all your prayers. He will take care of you and increase your wealth and increase your livelihood.

And the lower your reality do not ignore it, and the hereafter your destiny do not reflect And the right to rise above it all, do not test it and the greatest ability and deferred it, it is in his hand

focus on the development of the mind thought, and the development of the heart with kindness, and the development of the spirit of observation, and know that the Shakir Mahabn and Saber Mjjr and contented Mjvr,

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