Name Shuster will forever be tied to a piece of Winter Olympic

Eyes, and what is hidden breasts, a prayer forgiven us all the slips and lapses, and covered us in life and mercy on us after the death..
Prayer and forty blessings of God and blessings and blessings on our Lord and Maulana Mohamed El Hadi to your lights, the mosque of your secrets, The one who is praying to you, who is praying to you, is a prayer in which all distress and hesitation are revealed And we receive all the best and facilitate, and we heal from the aches and fears, and rid us of fears and illusions, and our reservation in the vigilance and dream, and save us from the ravages of time and the troubles of the days, and the whole family of Islam, and the owners of the flags,, And gathered us, O Lord, at the highest place, and ArzknO Allah, bless our master Muhammad, whom you prayed before one of the two worlds prayed for him, and I prayed the prayers to him, so I prayed to the one who prayed for him, and I sent him to create mercy in terms of your words. We have sent you only a mercy to the worlds, a prayer that removes fear, fear and illusions, and we heal them from all diseases, pains and estrangements, and guard us in vigilance and sleep, forgive us sins and sins, and save us from the vicissitudes of nights and days.

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Praise be to God who inspired me *** Love of the beloved since I was born
This Muhammad filled my heart love *** This beloved is the master of the Apostles
This is the religion of the right guide us *** For the purpose of the law is high on boredom
Habibna Mustafa of Y Which is disputed by our beloved Habib Mustafa who challenges him. We love Ahmed more precious than our love. *** To ourselves with our blood and hands.

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