Movers and Shakers of Digital Life Workshop

Why the Workshop?

Because in line with our mission of serving as a “platform” from the producers to the customers and sectors, Bilkom aims to bring ideas, developments, softwares and sales leaders pioneering the sector together.

Bilkom believes that Turkey has many successful leaders in terms of software and implementation. Our nation has both the required technology and the business intelligence to make an efficient use of it. What is more important is to come together, analyze opportunities and needs, and share the experiences. In this respect, we have been organizing the “business development and *networking” events as the Movers and Shakers of Digital Life to bring individual experts and institutions since 2012.

Contents of the Workshop

In the workshops, “trends” are communicated to all sector professionals that are individual or corporate technology developers, dealers, service providers and service takers. Ideas are exchanged. The workshop evolves into a one of a kind business development platform, independent of technologies and brands.

Trailblazing sectoral trends on digital technologies in a variety of fields such as health, education, podcasting technology, mobile car direction, digital publishing or urban transformation are shared in full-day presentations.

Here are the most popular headlines according to survey results:

Paper-free Hospital Solutions

Instructional Solutions in iOS Devices

Mobile Device Management Trends

Distance Learning with Apple Podcast

Who Can Apply?

In addition to Bilkom business partners interested in turning technology into “opportunity” and opportunities into “practice” by managing their digitalized lives smartly by smart devices, all sector professionals with an agenda to share are invited in the Movers and Shakers of Digital Life Workshop.

The workshop is open for IT, marketing, sales and human resources experts, public, education and media sector agents, Bilkom distributors and software development companies.

Interested in Becoming A Digital Life Coach?

To be a voluntary or contractual Digital Life Coach at Bilkom, or to make a speech in the workshop as a participant, send us an email at with your cv and a brief summary of why you want to be a “DLC”.