Bilkom Library

With your digital life coach Bilkom’s tutorials written in Turkish, you can keep track of leading technological devices, softwares, the hottest digital trends and learn the newest solutions and features to enrich your life.

You can access a vast range of references in Education, Health and Architecture on iPad; in Digital Architecture ,Digital Marketing Trends, Digital Learning and more on the Bilkom Library.

Make sure to check out Bilkom’s e-books prepared for the leading brands including Apple, Adobe and Graphisoft!

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Bilkom DYK

With Bilkom’s DLC (DYK) App, you can watch the contents of the Digital Life Coach portal wherever and whenever you like.

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iVisit Anatolia

Welcome to the world’s first animation app which takes you on a “3D onsite experience” to the world’s historical sites.

The application is a corporate social responsibility project presented by your Digital Life Coach Bilkom with the applications by Graphisoft and Abvent, and the contributions of local universities, student volunteers, and local governments.

Enjoy the experience of Anatolia’s unique cultures starting from Bergama brought to you by Bilkom…

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