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Pyramid Branch: 21 Zaghloul St. Mashaal El Haram Station
Tel: 37404598 Tel: 01005584339/01000445622

Nasr City Branch: 116 El khabra St. El zebat buildings Zahraa Nasr City Tel: 01000961702/01116766190/24128074. Hermes Replica Bags

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O Allah, peace and blessings be upon you, and bless on Sidna Muhammad al-Hadi for your all-encompassing lights. I pray to you on the path to prayer, to which all the tribulations and desires are poured out, and we receive all good and ease and heal them from the pains and tribulations, and keep them in our vigilance and sleep and gather us with our mullahs in the highest place of the Ameenites. The age and the troubles of the days and the A and Sahabp honored and handed recognition.

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– Ok I will hear you when we see you uncle.

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